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Looking for a quality & affordable constructor for your next project?

Why Choose Us?

  • We offers high quality & performance

    The group responds to the needs motivated by its customers, business associates, goverment authorities and local communities..

  • Experience more than 25 years

    Our core values of respect, care and excellence have accompanied and contributed to our success story in combined constructions field for over 25 years.

  • We have 50+ technical skilled workers

    Our skilled resources, materials, services and innovative systems contribute to Ferrocretes infrastructure, architectural concrete, precast etc to give them durability.

Who We Are?

We deal basically on ferrocrete related work. Shitole ferrocrete services are skilfully made with the help of our resources. Day by Day we are becoming popular because of our excellent finish; smooth surface and elaborate detailing of our products.  We have a thorough understanding of the level of performance and quality of program management, construction and engineering systems, information/financial management, and technical and administrative support required to ensure our clients achieve their mission goals. In working with Shitole Ferrocretes you will benefit from our:

  • Extensive experience managing construction, engineering, and maintenance contracts of various magnitudes
  • Familiarity with residential, government, commercial and Industrial contracts
  • Access to a vast pool of experienced personnel.
  • Proven processes governing task development, execution, quality assurance, and risk mitigation
  • Proven methodology for staffing the right people with the right skills and in the right quantities, and successfully managing the effort for successfully executing government and commercial contracts

Ferrocretes Construction

  • Ferrocrete Constructions’ structure is thinner and lighter than RCC and Brick-Work structure and has greater tensile strength,Bond strength than RCC and Brick-Work
  • Ferrocrete Structures is Water-tight thus find application in structures like Water Tank,Roofs etc.
  • Ferrocretes structure thiknes is min 10 mm and max 60 mm as per design.
  • Dead weight of Ferrocrete Structure is 175-275 kg per m3.
  • Structure is highly versatile form of RCC and Brick Work possessing unique properties of strength and durability .




The team that was assigned to our project was really expert throughout the project and guaranteed that the company’s expectations were met and often exceed.

Kumar Builders
Kumar BuildersProject Manager

We would recommend Shitole Ferrocretes and their staff as reliable, helpful, and expert.

Forbes Marshal
Forbes MarshalMember of Forbes Marshal

 We would like to thank everyone at Shitole Ferrocretes. We are very happy with the work and look forward to working with your qualified team again.

Architect HardikarOwner

 We specially want to thank your team for their consistent, excellent professional contributions. The group of people is so satisfied with the new facility.

RB Construction’s Pvt ltd.
RB Construction’s Pvt ltd.Director

 Shitole Ferrocretes has been extremely responsive to all our requests and have always provided timely and very competitive pricing.

Sanket Builders

Shitole Ferrocretes provided outstanding and above and beyond support…The soldiers there were very appreciative of how timely and professional the repair work was accomplished.

Jubilant co.Ltd Project Manager

Shitole Ferrocretes provided outstanding and beyond support for the clients.

Kudale Associates

Shitole Ferrocretes has formed strategic relationships with many small and large businesses, consulting companies, and industry leading organizations. These partnerships allow us to expand upon our skill sets and subject matter expertise in order to provide clients with a variety of services.

Shitole Constructions

We had a great time with Shitole Ferrocretes. Your team made an impression on us with your expertise and knowledge of ferrocretes construction.

Bhandari Associates


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