Our Values

Shitole Ferrocretes has a sound and credible reputation for providing exception construction and engineering services, superior program management, and quality performance – at a cost that is beneficial to our clients. Shitole Ferrocretes believes it is our responsibility to provide our clients with excellence in quality, service, and performance. Our primary goal is to achieve and maintain a position of leadership within our industry. Shitole Ferrocretes maintains our principals to ensure we maintain integrity, put our employees and clients first, and excellence in all services we provide – at a best value to our customers. We expect, and provide, nothing but the best! We will:

  • Ensure mission success
  • Maintain excellent customer communication
  • Provide fair pricing to all our clients
  • Follow ethical standards and practices
  • Maintain fiscal stability

Our Divisions

Shitole Ferrocretes is a Government and Commercial Contractor that has been in business for more than 25 years. Having exceeded many challenges along the way, we have built a strong foundation in team work, and have a strong commitment to excellence. Shitole Ferrocretes is no stranger to hard work, preparation and planning, and execution. We understand that when we begin a project we will stay dedicated the whole way until our customer is satisfied. Because we are a family owned and operated company,Shitole Ferrocretes’s motto is simply treating our customers the way we would like to be treated! In a highly competitive industry, such as construction, we believe that this way of thinking is what sets us apart from the others. Superb customer service right from the start and on through the finished product is the only way we do business!

Our Services


    Shitole Ferrocretes prides itself on understanding our client and their needs. We will actively listen to your needs, and carefully analyze all aspects to devise the best plan and options possible.


    Shitole Ferrocretes’s commitment to our clients includes our utmost commitment to quality, safety, program management, and cost effectiveness to provide YOU the best results possible.


    Our Project Managers are highly trained and will develop a personalized Project Management Plan for each project, which includes contingencies for unforeseen issues, such as delays due to inclement weather, road conditions impacting traffic, and other potential issues that impact the schedule. Our approach assures the client that the project remains on schedule.


    Shitole Ferrocretes’s commitment to Safety and Quality Control are the reasons behind our success on the jobsite. We assure our clients that all procedures are performed in conformance with the plans and specifications under the contract requirements. With safety being a high priority onsite and at the workplace, Shitole Ferrocretes believes that training and education are the best tools to keep everyone prepared and proactive.


    Understanding your needs, your budget, and your schedule are our priorities! Shitole Ferrocretes wants you to be assured of our commitment to excellence through the entire construction process. We will work hard to communicate any changes on your project, and will consider your feedback critical to our success! We want you to know that Shitole Ferrocretes will guide you the process, and help you accomplish your vision!